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Chitungwiza Health Department identifies hospital site

Chitungwiza Health Department has identified Tatenda tavern in Unit H, Chitungwiza as the most suitable site for the construction of an infectious diseases hospital.

In an interview after touring the site yesterday (5 February 2018), Director of Health, Dr Tonderai Kasu said were happy to come up with the hospital.

“We have identified Tatenda tavern in Unit H, Chitungwiza as the most suitable and desirable site to construct our infectious disease hospital,’’ said Dr Kasu.

“We chose the tavern because in Chitungwiza we do not have any new land for the construction of the hospital, so if we are going to build a new structure, we need to use the available land already owned by council.

“The uninhibited tavern is conducive for the construction of the hospital by virtue of it being spacious, hence allowing for fresh air circulation and sunlight which is idle for the control of infectious diseases.”

Dr Kasu said plans are afoot to engage the department of Urban Planning for architectural drawings to kick-start the project.

“After identifying the probable site, we are going to engage the department of town planning for architectural drawings for the project to take off. As a town, we have been facing challenges when it comes to admission of multi-drug resistant patients who would seek attention in Harare’s infectious diseases hospitals.

“We have the support of all the departments and the construction of this hospital will go a long way in helping the community.”

He said that site, despite being within the residential area, it will not affect the residents in terms of diseases escaping the control zone.

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Central Hospital , Industrial area, St Mary’s, Manyame Park, Zengeza 1,2,3 &5


Central Hospital , Industrial area St Mary’s, Manyame Park, Zengeza 1,2,3 and 5


CentralHospital, Industrial area Guzha/Mayambara,Zengeza 4,Unit D,H,E,J,C,A & F


CentralHospital, Industrial area Guzha/Mayambara,Zengeza 4,Unit D,H,E,J,C,A & F


Central Hospital and Industrial area Unit K,L,M & N


Central Hospital, Industrial area Unit K,L,M and N


Central Hospital , Industrial area Reservoirs


Unit ‘L,Ca St Mary’s,Unit D,Zengeza 1,Unit B & G,Zengeza 2


Unit‘M’,St Mary’s Mangoromera,Mapositori ,Unit K – North,Zengeza 1 Core Houses,Unit ‘O’,Zengeza 3


Area),Unit‘A’ & Unit ‘C’,Riverside,Zengeza 4 Chikwanha Area


Unit‘K’-South,Manyame Park,Unit ‘H’&,Unit ‘E’,Zengeza 5,Unit‘F &Unit ‘P’,Zengeza 5 Ext


Unit‘LExt & Zanoremba Area,Manyame Park, Stmary’s,Unit ¼ D&¼ P,N.O.P Ext,Zengeza 2,Unit‘A’, Manyepa Area,Zengeza 3,3Ext Behind Zengeza3Clinic


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