Chitungwiza is a town with a lot of historical sentiments which derived its name from “Dungwiza,” a village of the legendary prophet, “Chaminuka,” whose home Dungwiza was said to have been surrounded by Yellow Bitter Apple (Nhundurwa-a Shona name). This gave birth to Chitungwiza Urban Council on 1 January 1978.

It was accorded a Town status in 1980 and later elevated to a Municipality in 1996. Chitungwiza covers an area of about 3.5 hectares, 95% high density suburb. True to its name, it is characterized by hyper-developmental activities and projects. It also boasts of producing renowned personnel in the musical, film and soccer worlds.

Chitungwiza is the third City in Zimbabwe taking from Harare and Bulawayo in terms of population hovering around 384 000 according to the 2012 population census and has over 650 000 people in terms of informal estimates.

Currently, Chitungwiza has a total of 94 000 households and is mandated by the urban Councils Act to deliver quality and affordable services to its populace and its environs. The local authority crafted a meaningful turnaround strategic plan to recover from the adverse impact of the macro and micro-economic challenges that it went through, its successful implementation is being retarded by the crippling resource constraints.