Core Functions

  • Provision of Housing products and services
  • Allocation and Administration of commercial, industrial and institutional properties /stands.
  • Provision of Portable water.

department of Planning development Headed by Director 

Planning development department is charged with the responsibilities of providing adequate, decent, qualitative and affordable housing and related support social infrastructure in the city with full participation of stakeholders. Efficient, effective administration and management off the built environment to ensure a secure, 


Key Results Areas or Function of the Division

  • Preparation of Layout plans for residential, commercial industrial
    and other ancillary uses
  • Development Control in terms of planned Land Uses, that is issuing
    of stop development notices, for example prohibition and enforcement orders,
  • Issuance of subdivision and consolidation of land permits and change
    of use in terms of Regional, Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12)
  • Examination and appraisal of building plans submitted for approval
  • Maintenance and updating of Council Land Register
  • Preparation of Site plans 



  • Responsible for the production
    of architectural drawings for Council properties  
  • Overall review of architectural
    related work and management of council projects

Quantity Survey

  • Calculating costs of building
    material and quantities
  • Assist in budget preparation
    for the section



  Chitungwiza is derived from Dungwiza, The village of a Legendary prophet, Chaminuka.It was as a separate entity on 1 January 1978 and was at that time Known as Chitungwiza Urban Council.

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